September 10, 2014

Carpool Asana: Car Yoga for Moms & Dads. ~ Carole Westerman

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I’m sure all the Moms and Dads out there can relate to me, as we head back to school and back to running our own personal taxi service!

I easily spend up to two hours per day driving, waiting, carpooling, shuttling, and chauffeuring my three kids around town each day.

On a rainy day like today, the time is even longer as the lines at pick-up extend around the block!

As a yoga teacher, I decided to take advantage of this idle time, and improve my health and well-bring at the same time. And my new practice of “Carpool Asana” was born!

I have found the car (ignition off, of course!) is the perfect place for some Yin Yoga and meditation! Just pick your spot, park, and wait for your kids while stretching your body and calming your mind!

Here are a few of my favorite yoga poses for the car:

Reclined Pigeon:

careole westerman 3

Make sure your ignition is off, and your car is in “park” mode. Recline your seat back to a comfortable angle. Cross one ankle over the thigh of the opposite leg. Keep your feet lightly flexed, and enjoy a gentle hip opener. Hold for one to three minutes per side.

Steering Wheel Butterfly:

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Make sure your ignition is off, and your car is in “park” mode. Recline your seat back to a comfortable angle. Place the soles of your feet together on your steering wheel, and allow your knees to gently open out to the sides.

Watch out for the horn!

Hold for one to two minutes.

Legs Up the Dash:

carole westerman 1

Make sure your ignition is off, and your car is in “park” mode.  ecline your seat back to a comfortable angle. Extend your legs up the dashboard. Allow yourself to surrender to the forces of gravity with this gentle inversion. Hold for one to three minutes.

Carpool Meditation:

carole westerman 2

Make sure your ignition is off, and your car is in “park” mode. Set your phone timer for two to 12 minutes.

Place your hands over your belly. Focus your attention on the belly. With each inhale, expand the belly into the hands. With each exhale, allow the belly to relax and sink toward the spine. Allow yourself to just sit there with your eyes closed, belly breathing, emptying your mind, until the timer goes off.

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Editor: Renée Picard

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youandtheyogamat Sep 10, 2014 3:23pm

Fun article, Carole!

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Carole Westerman

Carole Westerman’s mission is to bring yoga to everyone!  Carole is an ERYT-500, and is certified in the specialties of Prenatal and Children’s Yoga. Carole has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology, and has worked many years in the fields of children and family services.

Carole teaches her own eclectic blend of yoga, combining elements of Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, and Kundalini.   Always striving for harmony and balance in her teaching and personal practice, Carole integrates both Yin and Yang aspects into her classes. She is a passionate advocate for women and their right to an empowering, enjoyable, and fulfilling life according to their own standards rather than those imposed by society.  As a yoga teacher and mother of three daughters, she has the rare opportunity to encourage women to embrace their bodies as they are, in all their perfect imperfection.