September 10, 2014

I Remember the First Time You Saw Me. {Poem}

All the Boys

I remember the moment you saw me

No, no

We saw each other, of course

we existed in the same room, with the same people

listening to the same music

drinking the same wine, sharing ripples of laughter

But I remember the exact moment

you saw me

It was only then, then that I really saw you

You honed in on me

like a man who has been wandering lost for decades

and hasn’t the slightest notion he was ever lost, gone

wandering the heart hallways

speaking empty

Yes, I held you in my eyes then

I spoke to you—not at you

Not through you

No I was not in my head thinking about what I wanted to say while you were speaking

I held you in my eyes,

And my words webbed gently into your heart

your heart you didn’t know needed to be opened

I have loved, you say

I opened you with each word that fell

from my nude lips and naked soul

I didn’ t blend my truth so it was more digestible

I just gave it to you

so openly you fell

fell in a gentle thud of tears and gratitude

No ones spoken to me like this, you say

Are you ready for much, much more? I ask.

grasping your hand gently

Yes, you whisper

Why would one exist with a voice, ears and eyes and not use them?

This is our worlds biggest crime

there is no time to live with blinders on our hearts or mouths

let’s tear them off and feed the world our red beating hearts

it can take it

you open slowly, then all at once

I remember, the first time you saw me.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Photograph by Daniel Holden


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Read 11 comments and reply

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