September 27, 2014

In Doubt or Despair? Let the Rain Wash it Away.



The rain is dripping, sprinkling, trickling down:

Showering me with sweetly saturated kisses and splashing me with a solid dose of inspiration.

Everything is sopping wet except the enclosed circle under my navy blue umbrella.

Sometimes it’s not so much the feel of the rain as the sound of it: the slow slush-slush of cars coming by, the constant pitter-patter on my umbrella, the hurried clunk of eager footsteps desperately seeking cover, the whispering splish-splash of drizzling drops landing on my cheeks.

Don’t even get me started on that succulent rainy scent: somehow deeply earthy and sweetly invigorating at the same time.

The cleansing aroma purifies my blood, my mind, my soul.

If I could bottle this feeling, I would.

Just a few drops of rain and everything changes, everyone changes.

Everything gets quieter, more internal.

Everything slows down.

Oh, what sweet relief!

I have so often found cure in the refreshment of a rainy day.

Whatever yucky emotion I’m feeling trapped in, rain seems to wash it away.

One by one, the raindrops rinse off the suffocating stickiness and stuckness of my doubt, my despair, my indignation, my sorrow, and my sadness.

It’s not that the rain erases these feelings, it just helps me relax into them and put them into perspective.

Then, freedom rushes in.

Sweet freedom.

My entire being opens again, feeling refreshed, like a hearty exhale.

Could we have access to this kind of revitalization all of the time?

On a dreary, drizzly day, we have an excuse to retreat and slow down. We can step back a bit and get an objective, birds-eye view of ourselves and our lives. It also feels okay to just stop and rest. To be a little lazy. To be less busy.

But, we could actually do these things anytime.

If you’re like me, though, you might have forgotten what that feels like.

That’s why the rain is a perfect reminder.

With each softly splashing drop, nature divulges her secrets.

Listen closely and carefully: every raindrop is laced with wisdom.

As each drop splash-splash-splashes to the ground, I feel reminded to take a break and rest. To be closer and more in tune with nature. To not force things so much. To enjoy the beauty in quietude. To embrace simplicity. To get out of my damn head.

What does the rain tell you?

Go outside, breathe in that fresh dewy-feeling air and feel the raindrops. Feel them with your entire being. Smell them. Taste them. Touch them.

Let’s allow the rain to drip deep inside and purify our hearts.

Then, we can start anew: better than before, better than ever.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: martinak15 at flickr 

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