September 21, 2014

Sex Through the Ages. ~ Leigh Hurst

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Talking about sex has always been a little taboo in our society.

The topic of sex and aging, in particular, seems even more taboo. For instance, doctors in training very rarely receive education on sex and aging. Nonetheless, there is an enormous number of older people getting sexually transmitted infections every day.

“The numbers of older people with HIV has nearly doubled, and 15 percent of new diagnoses of HIV in the U.S. were in people age 50 and older in 2005, which is the most recent year that the CDC calculated the risk for this age group.”

As the 72 million baby boomer population begins to age, society will have to learn to work with all of the sexual activities and issues within this aging population. Not to mention, this group might want (and already have) a different kind of sex life than their senior citizen predecessors.

Rather than being a hush-hush topic, sex should be viewed as a healthy—and important—aspect of our latter-years adult life. For instance, having a healthy and active sex life as we age helps with our social interaction, as well as our mental, physical and at times, our spiritual wellbeing.

Some seniors are connecting that spiritual sexual connection by practicing Tantra, which is “sex [that] includes meditation, breath techniques, and certain physical exercises that can be done at any age.” Tantric sex offers people an emotional bond or attachment without having to move into having intercourse.

Full body orgasms is a new concept for people in the United States, and it is not often talked about or practiced.

Just the name itself, “Full body orgasm,” is enough to scare people.

It consists of letting go of any thoughts and really feeling into your body. You or your partner perform very light touching and coaching. It is about moving energy up through the chakras and feeling that energy flow! A young man described it as, “it honestly feels like every cell in my body is vibrating!”

It may take our society a long time to dissolve their closed minded thoughts about sex and aging, however, people who are aging are starting to embrace their sexuality and want to learn more about aging and pleasure. Keeping an open mind and a positive outlook will help anyone have a great sex life as they age.

Not only is sex important for our wellbeing, it also has many health benefits for the aging body:

>>> It helps protect against heart attack and stroke, as does all exercise
>>> Hormones released during sex decrease risk of breast and prostate cancer
>>> It bolsters the immune system
>>> It helps us get to sleep
>>> It can alleviate chronic pain including migraines
>>> An active sex life is closely correlated with overall quality of life
>>> It can protect us against depression
>>> It reduces stress and increases self-esteem
>>> It stimulates feelings of affection, intimacy, and closeness with your partner



2.Joan Price. Naked at Our Age. Seal Press. Berkeley, 2011.


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