October 27, 2014

6 Reasons Halloween is the Best Holiday.

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Halloween is my favorite holiday because it’s creepy, outrageous, spooky, silly, and all for fun.

Have you ever seen two people arguing in their costumes, say, one is a cowboy in a blonde wig, and the other a vampire with pigtails? I didn’t think so, and even if you did it would probably be one of the funniest things you’ve seen in a long while. Everyone smiles on Halloween.

Some reasons to celebrate:

1. As far as holidays go, it’s relatively stress-free.

Unless you worry excessively about what outfit you’re going to wear to that party or street festival, the stress level and planning is minimal. It does not require going into debt or standing in line for last minute sale items. Some minor things to consider are parking, how late you will stay out, and if you’re original enough; in addition, conundrums might arise such as, should I be a ghost, or should I be the escaped mental patient again? How do I look in a black wig? Will it be too cold to wear that cheerleader skirt?

Will someone be offended at my political statement? And lastly, will I be able to breathe in this mask?

2. We can stay home and celebrate too.

Let’s say Halloween falls on a weekday and work beckons, we’re free to stay home and pass out candy to the little ones who come trick or treating. It’s always nice to spook up the house a bit with the appropriate ghostly and spider web paraphernalia. If there is music reminiscent of old movie thrillers, it adds to the ambiance. Open the door creepily and be sure to get the good candy.

I know…I’m also a health nut. Maybe there are some healthy treats? Yes, I can be that house with the nuts. Most neighborhoods have more organized Trick or Treat nights anyway for safety.

3. Not into it?

Some have their reasons, some of those religious. We have the right to not celebrate this holiday if we don’t want to. Simply turn off the lights, get into your PJs, pour a glass, and read a juicy novel. It’ll pass and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Will you have enough stuffing?

4. No gift exchange required.

Unless we’re invited to a party—then it’s polite and generous to bring something like wine or nice cocktail napkins. Otherwise, don your freakiest, most outrageous attire, and show up with a smile and fake machete.

5. No rituals involved.

No fasting, praying, confessing, atoning, anointing, journeying, flogging, pilgrimages, or initiations. One could decide that a costume wards of evil spirits, or simply that the wench outfit makes your chest look bigger.

6. Adults being creative.

Halloween is a night where adults can be whomever and whatever they want to be. It’s a completely creative holiday that brings out the artist in all of us. Who doesn’t like playing dress-up once in a while? It’s nice to be an alternative self and trying on another identity. Feel like being Marilyn Monroe or someone from Star Trek, maybe create something new and look around the house…stick a bowl on your head and be a mixer, put a bow tie on, who knows?

Don’t like dressing up? Dress down, be yourself and simply people watch.

Wait, is that man wearing paper towels?

Happy Halloween! 


Author: Nicole Weinberger

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