October 5, 2014

Join in: #90DaysofMindful, get free yearlong Subscription

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A Social Media experiment.

Social media, like television, or smart phones, is a tool for communication. Too often, it’s used for speed, or hype, or selling things we don’t need that are not responsibly produced and that end up in our landfills, and bloodstreams. But social media can be used for mindfulness, too. Let’s try it.

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Details: We’ve just begun #elephantjournal ‘s #90daysofmindful — jump on in! It’s a fun meaningful community experiment for you that’s going big. >>> Photo share one art craft yoga organic eco kind meditation social-good thing you do or moment of the day and inspire others. Tag #90daysofmindful, @elephantjournal and @waylonlewis so we see it and we’ll give out free year-long gift subscriptions to elephantjournal.com to our favorite mindful action or tip every Friday. Today: make art! I’m participating in my hometown’s Open Studios, which connects artists and community. Yesterday I biked around with one friend and my dog, Red, and soon we had a bike gang of 8 and visited art at farms and homes and workshops and I even got to make a hand under the guidance of sculptor Caroline Douglas, in only five minutes flat. My quickie hand is bottom left.Followthen, should we switch our phones off of airplane mode. [For photo, follow @waylonlewis on Instagram]

Let’s transform social media into a tool for wakefulness, benefit, and love!

Yours in the Vision of an Enlightened Society,

Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
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