October 4, 2014

Living Life Like a Naked Headstand. ~ Sienna Creasy {Adult}

Photo: Susan Currie

It started on a rooftop in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Climbing over the railing next to the sign posted “Do Not Walk on Roof.

The sun was setting perfectly and the black tar and sidewalls made for a backdrop of dreams.

Sometimes, to catch the light and create a magic moment you have to be a rebel.

The excitement of “breaking the rules” added to the energy of this shoot with Susan Currie and together we created moments that have marked a change in my life.

When I decided to take off my clothes and strip down to my whole essential self, I was mortified and exhilarated all at once.

I attempted to cover parts of myself within poses hoping the camera would create shadows where I could hide.

It wasn’t until I embraced the moment with wholeness that I found a space of pure balance, freedom and absolute liberation.

That’s it!

To be liberated is to embrace my wholeness.

When I look within, there is no more space for doubt or to disintegrate parts or pieces of myself.

I cannot cover them up and hide them away.

I will not quiet, or change this essential being that I am.

Photo: Susan Currie

So how do I live my life like a Naked Headstand?

I accept my full potential even if it scares the shit out of me.

I taste and devour the essence of this journey and realize each bite is so damn gratifying. Some say it is the journey, but I believe it is the moment.

Whether you are at the beginning or the end, it doesn’t matter, the moment is existence.

Here are five ways that you can live your life like a Naked Headstand:

1. Do what you love with absolute trust and no apologies.

Remove your clothes, your protection, your self-doubt and judgment of others.

2. Love with abandonment.

Whether it is your job, your partner or your home. Love this life as the gift that it is and watch as it surprises you every day.

3. Know that what you love and who you love are not you.

Do not let yourself be contained or defined by anything, anyone or anywhere. Keep growing and showing the world that you are as unique and ever-changing as existence allows.

4. See yourself as you are.

Strip down. I mean really strip down and look, don’t watch. Look at the beautiful amazing being that you are.

5. Change your perspective (go upside down) and realize that there is no reality.

Look at the world, a situation, your beloved and know that the world, the situation and your beloved are all seeing the same thing differently. Feel connected to the whole, not removed but deeply connected.




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Photos: Susan Currie



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