October 12, 2014

October 2014 Eclipses: How to Handle the Lunacy.

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Eclipse season is in full swing.

The month of October brings two back-to-back eclipses throwing many of us into “high energy” situations—whether we want to go there or not.

The emotional (and eventful) roller coaster ride has officially begun and the highly anticipated ending will surprise many of us by becoming a new beginning.

Eclipses open and close things. They begin and end cycles—19-year cycles, to be exact. The beginning of October started a shift; you might be feeling like a change of some sort is approaching. You are totally right.

So maybe you’re thinking, “How is the going to affect me?”

Let me explain:

Eclipses actually work in pairs. One comes in and closes a door, another one tags along and opens up a brand new door. Eclipses also work very closely with the moon’s nodes which are fated/karmic points. And, when fate crops up it’s no joke—we need to listen up.

Pretty neat, right? I think so, but maybe that’s because I’m an astrologer. Let me tell you a little more to get you excited about what’s next.

The truth is, only part of our stories have been told, and the next chapter is just about to unfold.

Energy began to heat up right around October 8th with the Lunar Eclipse, because that’s when our ending started to happen. This “Super Charged Full Moon” brought new awareness and helped us to see things in a different light. In general, eclipses are eventful and prompt our awareness. It’s like something comes along and gives us a shake—a wake up call or a reality check of some sort. A situation might have come about that made you stop and ask, “What the heck is going on here?”

The new things you might have discovered are important, so keep them handy. You’ll need them come the end of the month when your new beginning swings in.

Things will likely end up heating up once again as we get closer to October 23rd when the next and last eclipse of the year will take place. This Solar Eclipse, or super powerful New Moon, will ignite that beginning or new 19-year cycle I referred to earlier. It’ll take place in the sign of Scorpio and its essence will help us to dive deep and be honest with ourselves about our situations.

Your new beginning may involve something that you were dead set against in the past—particularly because the trickster Mercury is in play during this eclipse period. Many of us have been rethinking certain things since the beginning of October, since Mercury has been in retro. We may even change our minds about something we were so certain about in the past because of this shift. Go figure!

It’ll also probably involve something close to our hearts because Venus (the planet of love and relationships) will be highlighted at the time of our new beginning. She’ll be challenging us on the intimacy front. The more honest we can be, the closer we’ll get to those we love. We may even decide to let the past go and forgive when we never thought we could.

No matter how you shake it, this eclipse period is putting us through a system “reboot” and our thoughts are in the process of shifting.

Old things are dissolving and new things are gearing up to take their place. It’s always our choice to take the leap into the new and never easy to say goodbye to the old. If you feel like you’re caught up in the change, know that there are a lot of others going through this with you.

It’s certainly a lot to think about and if you’re caught up on the roller coaster ride hang in there; you’ll get through it.

There’s a silver lining wrapped around this something new we’re embarking upon.

Neptune (intuition and ability to empathize) will be working very nicely with Venus right after the peak of the second eclipse. This is a good sign. That’ll help put the past behind us and look ahead to our new beginnings that will take root.

The tides are turning and changes are in the process of happening. We’re in eclipse territory and this is a process that’ll surely to keep us talking!




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Apprentice Editor: Alicia Wozniak / Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: DVIDSHUB/flickr

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