October 7, 2014

Coolest thing Anyone’s ever said to You: Reddit’s 2 best Responses.

path to

The most inspiring thing about paths is that we make them ourselves.

What do I do with my life? How do I spend just one day? What’s my purpose, my love, my intent? The choice is 100 percent mine. 

A reddit user asked: What’s the coolest or most inspiring thing someone has said to you in person?

These are my two most favorite responses:

My junior year of college, the school renovated the library. During construction, they blocked off the front door and made people use the back door, which had a temporary platform that went all the way around the library. The platform went right up against the entrance to the garage, but didn’t connect to it, so you had to walk all the way around the library.

One day, I was leaving the library, and a guy happened to be walking out of the library at the same time as me. I said to him, “This platform is annoying. I wish there was a direct path to the garage.”

He turned to me and said “You gotta make your own paths,” before speeding up and walking past me. It’s hard to emphasize how poetic and inspiring this was at the time. I made a poster with these words and hung it in my room.


A few years ago I worked sales in an upscale butcher shop. One day a man with a heavy French accent came in, and I made the off-hand comment that we’d been having strange weather. His reply was “Ah, but it is better than no weather at all”—I felt like I was in a 1960s French film.

So, what’s your next path going to look like?


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