October 4, 2014

To the Sarcastic Bulletproof B*tch. ~ Paul Semo {Poem}


The Self-proclaimed Sarcastic Bulletproof B*tch

Covered with armor like Joan of Arc
An aura cold such as a winter tempest
A tongue sharp as thorns and oozing venom
unapproachable, seemingly invincible
Needing nor wanting no one
Never trusting
You are the self-proclaimed Sarcastic Bulletproof B*tch

You have a weakness
It is in your deep, deep blue eyes
When you smile, when you frown
secrets are revealed
They sparkle as sapphires when you are happy
Growing darker as the ocean when you are sad
Dark as night when the inner pain struggles for release

You’re smiling a lot now
Eyes of darkest night
Lying to the world
What would the world think
Of a broken heart?

End the Illusion
Allow your heart to breathe
It demands love
A love so hot it can strip away the veil
in which you hide
Allow love to heal and take away the pain
The bluest of blue eyes will shine with the truth

I can see past the curtain
I see the real you
Let the love come in
For you are so worthy
I love You





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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: edillilo/Flickr

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