November 6, 2014

Am I? {Poem}


Am I a wanderer,

Am I a star?

Am I a visitor from galaxies afar?


Am I rook,

Am I a pawn?

Am I the board you are playing on?


Am I the glimmer of hope in your eye,

Am I the lavender dusk-twilight sky?


Am I the pain in the pit of your tumm,

Am I the fear you are running from?


Am I the lover,

Or am I the hate?

Am I an angel, guiding your fate?


Am I the clouds

Or the wind in the sky?

Am I the memory making you cry?


Am I warm sunshine,

Or am I fresh rain?

Am I the whiskey numbing your pain?


Am I confusion,

Am I despair?

Am I the knot tangled up in your hair?


Am I the answer,

Am I the light?

Am I the wings that will give you flight?


Am I the trees,

Or am I a rock?

Am I a lonely boat tied to the dock?


Lonely hearts whisper,

And lonely hearts cry

Lonely hearts spend years wondering why.


Am I just nothing,

Or all of these things?

Am I an eternity of pendulum swings?


Am I the dirt, embedded under your nails?

Am I the breeze, putting wind in your sails?


Am I the answer you may never hear?

Am I a salt crystal trapped in your tear?


Am I real? Am I here?

Or is this a dream?

Perhaps I’m the things that are not how they seem?


Is my body infinite?

Floating through space,

A curtain, shielding the human race

From all things unseen

And things unbeknown…

The one who makes sure you are never alone.


Can I be everything,

And nothing at all?

Can I be wonder,

And freedom to fall?


Perhaps I am you.

Perhaps you are me.

Perhaps we are no one…

And no one is we.




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Author: Yoli Ramazzina

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Augusto De Luca

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