November 15, 2014

Exploring Our Super Hero Origin Story.


All super heroes have an origin story.

The story as to where they came from and how they developed their powers and mission to serve others. Think Batman or Superman.

Their origin stories are powerful and empowering. They set up the entire journey of that hero. These stories are often drenched in pain, loss, suffering, abandonment and framed in and feelings of not belonging; loneliness.

These individuals take trauma and turn it into strength. They discover hidden gifts. They then take those gifts and choose to serve others when they could simply serve their selves.

Amongst collectors of comic books, the origin stories are highly sought after and valued. Perhaps that is the part of the hero story that we all most relate to.

I notice that we all have an origin story and I find them valuable to whoever explores them. When we look at our origin stories we might discover how tragedy transformed us and somehow gave us strength. When we explore our origin story we don’t dwell there. We acknowledge and accept it for what it was and how it ultimately made us stronger.

It usually turns out that our story can then help others and we want to do so. As we help others heal, our own healing likely continues. We get further insight into our own story as we serve others. Everybody wins. Everybody heals.

I see the average person who has experienced trauma as a superhero. I see people who took pain and turned it into strength. I see people that despite experiencing pain, still love life and still feel connected to some higher power. They live, they love; they march on.

Their step may even be a bit livelier. They got better, not bitter.

They are superheroes with powerful stories. Stories they defined, not defining them.

For many it is good to celebrate our Origin Story. It can be a celebration of acceptance, of perseverance and growth. Origin as a word is about what we rose up from.

What is your Origin Story?

What super powers did you receive?

How do you serve others?

We can all collect these stories as valuable, learning from them, seeing the super hero in every one through the lens of our own super-powered, hearts.


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Author: Barry John Johnson

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Movie Still

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