November 14, 2014

Forgetting You. {Poem}


I was driving a little too fast,

You were lying in bed a little too high
When I forgot that I stopped loving you.

I took my time forgetting, truthfully
As the stars poured through the moon roof and the left lane unrolled before me.
You exhaled the shiver that made me swerve.

Familiar soul whisperings

There were no skid marks when I crashed into you.
Heels of hands rubbing blurry boundaries into dry eyes.
The silent braking moment that left me totaled.

Tell me, was I just the right amount of dark?
Because you were just the right amount of light.
Errands for strangers that would set them free.

Did it scare you that I knew the words?

We loved like the first, the forgotten.
Trembling, forceful, blinking love.
No mediocre halfway in between.

Tied by the mutual understanding of things never to be told,
The relief of not having to say it aloud.
Your hand combing the webs from my bloodstained blonde.

Maybe my mind doesn’t have to be a scary place.

I found redemption rolling in the remains of our collision.
You left the light on because you knew I was tired of the dark.
Listening to your voice kept the demons at bay.

I was a dreamer but you were the dream.
When you took my hand I followed,
Disengaging concentrically in the chenille of your red rug.

Thank you for not trying to save me.

Evaded answers became black holes between us.
Your medicine became my poison
As reality seeped into our hotbox and love warped the shutters.

Thank you for letting me go.

Rarely now can I retain us in clear air.
So I crack the window as you tilt the lighter.
What a beautiful love to forget.



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Author: Kelsey Burns

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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