November 15, 2014

Let’s Make Love by Breaking All the Rules.

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I want to bask in glory of silent woods alone.

I want to hike for eight hours and stand at the summit and share the beauty of the world with you.

Too many dreams, a new one each day, and I want to tell them all to you. I want to chase them with you by my side, and I want to chase yours with you too.

I want this to be our adventure.

We’re going to run out of money and cry when we have more than we know what to do with. I want to share it all with you and with everyone else I can.

Young and wild, untamed; spontaneous and passionate. I want to share my frustration with you, and I want to share each moment I treasure with you.

But, I want my space too.

I am independent, and I want you to accept that. I want to be realistic, honest, speak exactly what we think. We can talk about anything, we can discuss. We can question each other—it’s not an assault of fiery resistance,it’s an attempt at seeing through your eyes. Who cares if we fight?

We’re two people, it’s healthy to express ourselves.

I want you to stand strong alone too. I want to see you fight for something you love, even if I don’t agree.

Sometimes I want to be afraid, and go slow.

I want to fight for you, and I want to see you fight for me.

And I want you to understand, like I will for you, that I’m still finding myself, and I’m going to grow and change forever. Sometimes that’s going to be a solo journey for us both, and that’s okay with me. Just keep me in the loop okay?

You don’t know have to be sure of what you say, but knowing where you are in the beautiful noggin of yours helps me understand you.

I want to celebrate this wild beautiful life with you.

I’m going to have sporadic wild ideas, and i’m going to do them.

Sometimes I’m going to pick you wildflowers and rub your back, and you’re going to bake for me and do my laundry. And society will tell us that’s backwards, and we’re going to say we like it that way.

Sometimes I’m going to love you so much I forget to balance. I’ll love you so much that I can’t let go and this will make us both a little crazy.

And that’s beautiful too. I don’t want to be shamed for that, I want you to tell me how it feels even when it’s not good, and I want you to know that it comes from a being with so much love they can’t they can’t tame it. How f*cking wonderful is that?

Sometimes I’m going to make mistakes, as are you, and that’s just as spectacular.

I want to bask in awe at each part of you, I want to treasure you.

And I want you to treasure me. I want to see you radiate your love for me to everyone around us. And I’ll radiate for you. And I won’t feel shameful because it’s too soon, too late, or we’re not a perfect match.

Because it’s perfect for us. It’s perfect to celebrate this, our humanity, our growth, our love, our world. It’s right. It’s right to share our passion, to get angry, to cry tears of joy, to laugh, to glow in a moment of life shared with someone else.

And when we walk our own paths, I’m going to keep loving you for however long I want. And it’s going to be right too. I’m not going to be ashamed because I have a lot of love to give.

And when our paths meet again, I’m not going to be afraid to tell you exactly what I think. How I feel. That I miss you, or I don’t. And it’s not going to be something I have to feel guilty for, or worry about.

It’s not too soon, and it’s not too late.

And when we meet again, I’m going to be proud to say I have loved you, I do love you, and I will love you. And I’ll pick up wherever I want, I won’t take my time, ease into us again; I’ll jump in, naked, wild and free; dive into my love for you again.

I want to cherish you for all the beautiful things that you are. Your strengths, your weaknesses.

And I want you to cherish me, even when I fall.

We might fight a lot, or never at all, and we’re not going to bother caring if that’s not normal, or if others think it’s wrong. We’re going to find our own healthy balance, and let us be us. This ride has no set track, we’re going to ride it together, it’s highs and it’s lows—any cycle breakable when we want, together.

I don’t want to follow the rules.

I don’t want to date you—I want you be to my person, and I want to be yours. I’m going to share my soul, my essence with you, and I want to soak up yours. I want to make my own rules, I want you to make yours and I want us to make ours together.

Young or old, there isn’t a right time for this, the right time is any time we want. Not too young, and not too old. I’m just me, and you’re just you.

I’m going to raise my arms to the sky and radiate all my essence. And I know I’m going to feel all you rule-breakers radiate from every corner of the world.

Are you ready?


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Author: Erin Connery

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Nadine Heidrich at Flickr 

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Read 4 comments and reply

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