November 1, 2014

Making Money on your Own Terms.

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Did you know that the first thing to ever be exchanged was salt?

Commerce has been a part of culture for eons. The human race is built around it.

It’s all about the give and take.

Sex and money go together in that they both are derivatives of creative energy.

The drive of desire can be used to make money and get what you want. Desire can be motivating as well as a bit obscure.

Money is also an abstract concept.

For all of you who grew up on Nintendo, money is a bit like playing Mario Brothers or any other video game where you score points.

Now can you see how money and sex are alike?

They are both a points game. It takes only two skills to be able to play and play well.

The first thing required to earn money is right thought.

It is that simple.

Granted, there are complicated systems of exchange: banks build on bull sh*t, the rabbit-hole stock market, budgets and accounting. It is easy to focus on the numbers when thinking about money. It’s easy to get lost in the mire of the haves and have nots.

Money is predictable.

If you focus on having it; you don’t have it. If you ask yourself,

“How can I empower my money?”

Start to wonder,

“What needs to happen so that I can feel really good about money flowing into my life in a way that supports me and others?”

“What could I do that would make receiving money fun and easy?”

Continue to ask yourself questions until you adjust your focus onto things that catalyze you feeling good.

This is not just a new age concept. It is also based in cognitive-behavioral psychology. Pigeons and rats have died so that we could understand how incentives affect behaviors.

People have been subjected to odd “torture” experiments in the name of discovering what makes humans tick.

Money is a driving force because it represents survival. It is a great way to measure where we are putting our attention and focus. Money is a way of tracking time. It is a system and you don’t have to be a slave to it nor its master.

Basically, where your attention goes, money flows.

We focus our attention through prioritization. Priorities are based on values and values are constructed from life experience. Some people are people pleasers, others rebels and there are many variations in between these two extremes.

The driving force for both is pleasure or avoiding pain.

It is difficult for me to work for other people.

I get pissed when I think about building someone else’s dream unless that person is my client in which case I am stoked.

Could I be a Wal-mart greeter—sure.

And is that the thing that would make me the most happy?

Not at this time in my life.

The thing that will make you happy is growth and to grow you must take action.

The second thing you need to make money, in a way that works for you, is to take action.

It doesn’t have to be perfect; you just need to do it.

This means, after you’ve focused your thoughts and decide on what would bring you the most pleasure you take action towards it.

For some the reward of a fat pay check is enough to keep them cycling through the repetitive action of working for a corporation. For others, the thrill of the hunt drives them to take action towards a different occupation every year.

Did you know that only three percent of start-up companies survive past five years?

There are many reasons for this but I think the central one is that not only do you need to take action—it also needs to be consistent.

Nail down your values and construct your life around them. This is called the “hedgehog concept” in the book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

There are plenty of shiny things to distract you from your path and the lure of instant gratification can always derail you.

According to Brain Tracy the one thing that first-generation millionaires have in common is that they take the long-view and are able to delay gratification. If you look back at the history of inventions—think of Apple Computers for example—it took hours and hours of development, fine tuning, refinement and failure to actually get a product on the market.

Life is like an assembly line.

You can’t do it all by yourself.

When you hit a wall know it is to be expected and then ask for help from someone that has been there before. Help can come in the form of books, YouTube videos, mentors or even prayer.

It is my honor to help people make money, find their life path and live it, heal from relationship destruction and it is pretty rad that I make money doing it.

I may not be the richest woman in the world and I’m pretty fuck’n wealthy.

Perspective is everything.

Wealth is different that riches.It is less about making money and more about allowing that still small voice inside of you to guide your path and having faith that everything works out to promote your over-all wellbeing—to grow and to learn.

Be disciplined in your thoughts and gracious with your failures.

In this way you can have, be and live a life that works for you.


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Author: Pauline Hanuise

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Lewis Minor/Flickr 


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