November 12, 2014

My Friend. {Poem}


You’ve been with me through all the seasons.

Steady. Solid. Always there. Being.

You live in the moment.

You remind me to simply be.
Every day I see you.

There you are.

My friend.

I’ve watched the sun peek out from the horizon with you.

We’ve stood together in a serene, early morning glow.

Quietly, gently touching.

And for that moment, time stopped.
You and I just were.


In awe, of what we felt as the sun rose to welcome another day.
Oh, and there have been wild times too.
When the wind and I howled together and I helplessly burrowed my tear-stung cheeks into you.

You would stand still.

My constant.
You took the weight of me.

My fears, my tears, my complete and utter collapse.
And when I opened my eyes, you hadn’t left. You were there. You rode the storm with me.
And when time seemed to rob you of your colour.

Seemed to scatter pieces of you to the wind, I whispered to you:
“Wait, you’ll be fine. You’ll see.”
And you were.

You always were.

My constant.

Ever-changing but always the same.
Thank you.
Thank you for all these moments.
Thank you, my friend, for sharing your stillness with me.

And now, I must leave.

You will remain.
You will watch the sun rise alone, but, I hope, with a piece of me with you.
With traces of my fingers touching you like ghosts walking through the sand.
Live, my friend.

Live. Be. Breathe.

And when I watch the sunrise, I will find you in my heart.
My thoughts will drift to you.
My dear friend. My constant.


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Author: Lorna Marques-Brocksopp

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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Read 3 comments and reply

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