November 24, 2014

Old People wearing Funny Tee Shirts.


This T-shirt has a point:

tee shirt funny computer games


old elderly

When we let go, we can be bold—bold enough to be foolish, & laugh at ourselves. In the Buddhist tradition, outrageousness, not afraid to be a fool, confident enough to step boldly into space and just let go—is symbolized by a garuda. May be all be garuda.

tiger lion garuda dragon

Too esoteric? May we all be elderly!

Many spiritual communities or “isms” of any kind—men’s rights, feminism, veganism, macho-ism, rooting for a particular sports team, even—can result in a lack of humor about ourselves. It’s the surest sign that we’ve lost our way.

Letting go is hard. But when you’ve got years to live, who gives a shiite. Maybe we can all learn from these examples—ahead of time:


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