November 21, 2014

This is what happens when we respectfully ask a company whose values are in line with ours to improve.

Nothing hotter than zero waste, baby.

This is what happens when we respectfully ask a company whose values are in line with ours to improve…They do so.

Background: I was in Whole Foods for a meeting with Kashi. I was bleary-eyed from an acupuncture appointment for my back (typical Boulder excuse) and lined up for coffee. There were no for-here mugs. You know, coffee mugs. Only to-go cups. The place is hugely popular. That’s a lot of to-go cups. I asked if they had a mug I could use (as you can do at Starbucks, even if you don’t see one). They said they didn’t have one. I even tried to buy one in their coffee/tea section, where I was directed, but they were out (I asked a second team member if indeed they were out). So—good god no—I proceeded to have a pro meeting without the fortifying wakefulness of coffee (sorry, Kashi).

I then tweeted Whole Foods (the hugely popular @wholefoods on twitter, named #1 for business on twitter, @elephantjournal has twice been voted #1 for #green on twitter) and said something like, hey, your Whole Foods in Boulder doesn’t offer for-here mugs? Could you change that? They replied immediately, as then did Whole Foods Boulder, and after a week or two of waiting, this:

whole foods boulder

Sometimes, yelling at folks and protesting just creates further aggression. Sometimes we can just call on folks to live up to their own standards and give them good publicity 🙂 when they do so and the world can change for the eco-er. Meet you over at Whole Foods Market in Boulder (one of the biggest in the country, if not the biggest, so this has big impact) for an organic, fair-trade cup of joe!

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