November 12, 2014

We need a Love Making Revolution!

sexy in bed

It’s time to change our methods!

Have you ever or do you often have sex and not feel satisfied?

Do you want more but don’t know how to speak up and ask for it?

As women, we need to listen to our intuition and tell our lovers what we want and need!

As men, please be open to hearing what we want and not take it personally or become offended. Hopefully you can see it as learning new ways to be your best.

We all need to do our own inner work in healing ceremonies, self-loving rituals, forgiving the past and embracing who we are.

We need to eat healthy, do our yoga and meditation. Make a list of what you want in a lover/partner and do all of those things yourself.

You want a lover who is kind—volunteer at the SPCA.

If you want a partner who can cook, try taking a cooking class!

We need to take responsibility for our own happiness.

When the time is right, a lover will appear that matches our positive vibration.

Then we can welcome a lover into our lives that is also self aware, has integrity and lives with a loving attitude towards life.

My wish is for more women to learn about truly loving them selves—inside and out, providing them with satisfying and respectful lovers who care about their souls and their hearts while loving their minds and bodies.

In this day and age it’s time to say no to rape, misogyny, abuse and inequality.

It’s time for a revolution in love and sex where we can birth balance, harmony, equality and support!

Please remember, lovers: we have curves, soft and round, sometimes we are jiggly and bouncy. 
We need to love our bodies, every inch! We have hair, as grown women, all over our bodies.

We do not have hairless pussies and making them so is painful and pricey. A woman has hair “down there” and so do men, learn to deal with it and learn to love it. You can try to tame the hedge, cut the grass, trim the garden and love the rest!

We each have our own unique smell and taste. When healthy and clean, our feminine perfume can range from sweet to spicy. Each woman is different. Each man has a smell and taste too! A “perfect match” means also loving each other’s body tastes.

Enjoy more fruit and water! Not smoking and eating less meat make for more sweet bodies!

A real man will take the time to appreciate the woman he is with.

He will notice her curves and edges and touch them with warm and awake presence. He will take his time to create a sensual mood in the room knowing sensuous touch, oils, candles, clean space and sexy music awakens his woman’s senses and helps to open her heart and legs. He will honour her individuality, taking in her unique ways and show his respect through massage, intimate loving language and eye contact.

Together they will become attuned to one another by listening to each other’s breathing.

When a woman feels this kind of attention to detail she will return the kindness in full!

This feeling of closeness and reverence creates a feeling of love and safety, enabling a woman’s body to moisten—ready for making real love together.

Men and women in this new era—becoming more healthy and holistic—will be able to communicate what they like and dislike by listening to each others bodies, hearts, minds and voices.

They will want to grow and listen to each other, knowing the revolution in evolution starts with a balance between the masculine and feminine within our selves.

We need to give and receive, we need to be of service and be taken care of. This will connect the lovers souls, enabling deep orgasmic bliss in unison.

The days of awkward silence, fumbling around in the dark, rushing too quickly to f*ck each other, or rather masturbate inside another’s warm body is only reserved for teenagers. And I hope, for their health and happiness, we start to educate our youth more openly and honestly about how to engage in safe and loving sexuality.

No longer will I let a man flip and flop me around in positions that I actually don’t like while we pretend to be porn stars.

The illusion the porn industry has created is poisoning the minds of society. The pressure to be hairless, super slim, balloon breasted and airbrushed, tanned, with perfect hair, make up, nails is a silent but deadly reality. It’s forced upon us by the mass media to sell us products and keep us docile.

Most people don’t question it but inside we judge our selves and others.

Reality is much more beautiful and raw.

Our flaws make us unique and one of a kind.

Fantasies are natural and can be fun! We just need to make sure that communication is a major factor in our sexual relationships. If we are feeling too awkward to talk about what we want, then maybe we are not mature enough to be having sex.

Now as we are talking about a revolution of sex it’s important to mention kissing.

Kiss softly, kiss gently, kiss wet and juicy!

Kiss hard and wild!

But kiss!

And lots of it!

Try kissing and making eye contact in between kisses.

Try breathing together and being playful, take your time.

There is no need for speed.

Lick and savor each other like a tasty ice cream cone!

As open-minded adults, we can learn to open our hearts and reveal our tenderness to one another—ultimately sharing the intimacy we are deeply yearning for?

Sex is meaningful. 

Sex can be full of emotions, dark and light, unveiling our whole selves, where our innermost beauty is seen.

Our lovemaking can be felt in the present moment, sharing a gift between each other!

What are you afraid of? Why so cynical? Ask yourself!

The old dynamics of aggression, seduction, jealousy, attachment and domination no longer work.

They have been overplayed and now it’s time for a change in thinking. It’s time to get out of our judgmental, logical minds and into our accepting, feeling hearts.

That is where the revolution into love begins.

With our charged energy, we can send out prayers of love and wholeness to the earth.

We help to raise the vibration of the whole world when we make love consciously together.

Isn’t it time to evolve and transform our sexual energy from being focused on survival and fear into trusting and loving—finally rising up through our chakras into universal oneness?

It is worth it to slow down and enjoy every moment! Your newly discovered orgasms will be fireworks of blissful spiritual delight instead of a one-minute yummy moment.

Try something new and make love instead of f*cking on auto-pilot!

The revolution is now.

We all want to be loved.

It’s time to make love not war!

Love your self and give love to another. Be brave and share real, intimate, authentic and tender love.

Peace! Namaste.


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Author: Maggie Blue O’Hara

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr



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Read 3 comments and reply

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