December 18, 2014

17 Health Myths: a quick Blitz!

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Here’s a little mindfulness practice.

Read the below and watch your reaction. If we are attached to something, we often react with anger! Defensiveness! And that attachment itself is not healthy! Score! If however we have good points and want to debate, leave a respectful comment! The ability to disagree agreeably helps to create enlightened society! Score!

1. Abs and crunches get rid of belly fat! “Sorry, but there is no such thing as spot fat removal, unless you mean lipo.” As the saying goes, “abs are made in the kitchen, bro.”

2. Low fat is healthier! Often, the reverse is true!

3. Natural means anything!

4. Detoxes flush toxins out of your body!

5. Enemas work! They will get out fecal matter that has been sitting in your intestines for years! Nopes: “you’re better off if you just eat healthily, something like a tossed salad should do the trick.”

6. Carrots are good for your eyesight! I still love them! Yum!

7. Sex makes your vagina loose! Rather, the opposite is true! It’s a muscle!

8. Gluten-free is healthy for those who don’t have celiac disease! That’s about 1 in 141 people.

9. Being muscular equates to being healthy! Nope!

10. Homeopathy!

11. We only use 10% of our brain! Speak for yourself!

12. Your weight is pre-determined by your metabolism! You’re skinny because of your fast/high metabolism!

13. Low calories = healthy!

14. You can be healthy at any size!

15. Masturbation leads to blindness or bad eyesight!

16. Nutella is healthy!

17. Vaccines cause autism!


Bonus Round! Kale! Smoothies! Lemon water! Juicing! 


With an assist to all the above links, plus the argumentative folks at Reddit.


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Read 24 comments and reply

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