December 10, 2014

50 Ways to Feel Like a Million Bucks.

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Even if you are new to the concept of “Personal Vibration,” this is an experience we all know.

Having a high vibration is almost synonymous with feeling good.

It’s just a little more fine tuned then just feeling good.

It is like feeling good, warm, fuzzy, soft, tingly, purposeful, in the right place at the right time and loved by the universe all at the same time.

This is definitely an experience all of us have had at one time or another, so we all know it is possible.

But what we are realizing is that by learning how to intentionally stay in this feel good place of high vibration more of the time life can be easier.

And all it takes is a little practice.

And luckily the practicing is just doing things that are good for us and make us feel good.

Yesterday, I read Clare Woodward’s article here at Elephant Journal called Finding the Magic in Your Life By Getting in the Vortex and watched the video she posted where Esther Hicks reminds all of us that the best manifesting, okay maybe the only manifesting, happens when we are in the ‘vortex’ or sometimes she uses the term on the ‘high flying disk’.

And this got me really inspired.

And being inspired sent me straight to a high vibrational state.

And that high vibrational state inspired me to write this article.

You see how it works?

Because the more time I spend upping my own vibration, the more easily and smoothly my life seems to run.

When contemplating vibration I think the most  important thing to remember is that when we are talking vibrations, vortexes and high flying disks, we are actually discussing  very elusive experiences that are deep and profound and very much beyond words. So, the words vibration, vortex, high flying disks, these are just tools to help us discuss these topics and remind ourselves about where we want to be.

If you find these terms inaccessible (like, corny and weird), then throw them out the window and use a different term or don’t use any term at all and just focus on the direct internal physical experience of feeling like a million bucks.

By that I mean peaceful, alive, in tune with the universe, like nothing can phase you (and by that I mean even that being phased doesn’t phase you if you know what I mean).

And what is important is to start to notice when we are in a state of high vibration because then we can say to ourselves, “Oh, this is what a high vibration feels like,” (or whatever word you want to use) because only by noticing what a high vibration feels like can we know when we are not in a high vibrational state.

Because then we start to notice the activities, people, thoughts, feelings etc. that bring on a low vibrational state. And again we just need to notice, “Oh shit, my vibration really isn’t so good when I stay up past midnight” or “when I nag my husband/wife” or whatever the situation is.

And we don’t need to strive or push ourselves to be anything but what we are, we just need to notice, or we could say be mindful, of our vibrational states and through consistently bringing our attention to where our vibrational state is we eventually can actually start to control our vibrational state and return to a high vibration with almost no effort.

So, I am going to present us here with 50 ideas of things that we can do to increase our vibration. This is not a big long to-do list of what to do everyday. These are opportunities to increase our experience of being in a high vibration state. Because that is what we are looking for, just to spend more time in high vibes without any other agenda.

1. Meditate

2. Have sex

3. Say yes (to something that feels right)

4. Say no (to something that feels wrong)

5. Be in nature

6. Have truly quiet alone time in nature

7. Hold a baby

8. Listen to music

9. Cuddle!

10. Shavasana (corpse pose, body scan)

11. Chanting or other group singing

12. Yoga

13. Tai chi

15. Chi-gong

16. Dancing

17. Energy healing (reiki, healing touch, quantum touch, acupuncture etc.)

18. Making art

19. Writing

20. Playing on the floor with a small child

21. Learning about the chakras

22. Studying spiritual texts

23. Spending time with a Sangha (community of spiritual learners)

24. Finding life’s purpose

25. Making choices based on life purpose

26. Making choices aligned with our values

27. Holding a special rock or crystal

28. Working with intentions such as health, happiness, compassion and life purpose

29. Listening to our intuitive voice

30. Choosing not to be intimidated about money

31. Water (still or moving, inside or outside)

32. Giving all of our attention to what we are doing (also called mindfulness)

33. Scanning our body from our feet to our head and sending the energy through

34. Imagining light coming down into our bodies

35. Giving our problems to the divine

36. Walking slow and steady

37. Feeling heard

38.Taking a nap

39. Lying in the hot sun

40. Watching an inspirational video or reading an inspiring book

41. Being appreciated

42. Feeling like were on the same ‘wavelength’ as another person

43. Saying “I Love You”

44. Hearing “I love you”

45. Realizing everything is interconnected and using this for inspiration

46. Breaking a habitual pattern

47. Massage

48. Sauna

49. A healthy meal eaten peacefully

50. Choosing to raise our vibration


What did I miss?


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Author: Ruth Lera 

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Tim Mannle at Pixoto

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