December 26, 2014

Declarations to the Universe: What I Want for the World.

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Caution: f-bombs below! 

Where focus goes, energy flows.

A few weeks ago I was working with a client and we were discussing focus, the power of intention and about getting clear with language and what he wanted to invite into his life, as opposed to what he currently was letting in. As I was suggesting he write down what it was he is wanting and to get really clear in his language and “the ask,” I thought I would join him and do the same.

These last few weeks I have been writing down my own wants, with that same intention to get really clear about what I want to invite into my world as well as what I want for us as a collective whole. And because I whole-heartedly believe that first sentence above, I want the universe to know 110 percent that my focus is on what I want to create and not on what I don’t have, don’t want, don’t see.

So as I have been doing some of my own four-by-four-ing, through the amazingly intricate terrain that is my inner world, my list has grown and instead of keeping it to myself, I wanted to put it out there, say the words out loud and let the laws of the universe do their work. I wanted to share them here with you as well—because sharing is caring and all that jazz.

So let’s start there.

I want to share. Feelings, thoughts, moments, vibrations, fresh fruit, stories, energy, fears and triumphs.

I want to be listened to and I want to actively listen.

I want to find other travellers on this earth who are as allergic to small talk as I am, who want talk about what they’re after and what moves them. I want to hear their stories, I want to hear and see and feel the exquisite beauty behind their pain and their excitement and determination to seek out more.

I want to surround myself with those that are awake and that live from a shared truth. What truth is that? The truth that we are here for a short time and in that short time, we need to do what we can to make the world a better place; a calmer place, a softer place, a more loving place, a cleaner place, a greener place, a more compassionate place.

I want to meet those people that burn with conviction to do good, to be good, to live well.

I want to find men who aren’t scared.

Well, that’s not necessarily true—scared is fine, but I want to find those that choose to walk through it regardless. I want to find men that are open, grounded, curious and gentle with others. I want to find men that want to take the time to understand others, that aren’t scared to have conversations and that can do so without any pre-mature, pre-conceived judgements of what something may or may not be, or of who they think I may or may not be, or what I may or may not want.

Assumptions are to be checked at the door please. I want to find men that aren’t scared away by the intensity at which I choose to live. I want to find those men that can feel something and sit right in the thick of it…without running. I want to wrap myself up in the presence of these beautiful beings. I want to find those men that aren’t scared of having one moment turn into several—whether it’s for days, weeks, months or years.

Open, respectful, kind, passionate—I want to find those ones.

I want to walk down the street and smile at strangers and when they smile back—it will feel like we just shared our own secret handshake in passing. But we’ll continue to do it over and over again with others throughout the day.

I want to live in a world where we are all secretly wishing one another a great day, a great life and much success.

I want to make eye contact with people and when I do, remember to see them as myself. They are me. We are one. And I will remember to treat them with kindness…and respect….even the ones that piss me off. I want to send sweet laser love beams to the next person that pushes me in the store and doesn’t say sorry or excuse me. I guess I’ll get the opportunity to do that at some point tomorrow.

I want to stumble upon, create and seek out those spaces that allow us to intermingle and dance with all sorts of possibilities, where our ideas can have sex with one another. I want to cultivate, within our culture, the concept of actively creating, rather than actively competing with one another.

I want my (and our) vehicle for communication and action in the world to be love, acceptance, compassion.

I want to love myself so deeply that when I look in the mirror all I see is light.

I want to always remember who I am, where I have come from, I want to remember my literal and metaphorical travels…my heartaches, my heart swells and all that I have overcome. I want to remember all the pain and all the love and all the fork in the road moments where I chose to take that less travelled, less beaten, significantly harder, scary, winding, not paved but totally loose gravel backroad of a path and I want to say thank you for this body, for this mind, for my courage and determination that carried me through it. I want to feel this every day so in those moments when I feel defeated, let down, or broken- I will remember the warrior that I am.

I want us to stop participating in the unnecessary slaughter of animals.

I want to wake up in the morning to arms around me and besayunos. Lots of besayunos.*

I want us, as a society, to not only awaken but to unleash our inner fires, our deepest desires and those dreams that we don’t share with anyone. I want us to stand in the knowing, that we are infinite, powerful beings put here to create, to unfold, to fulfill.

I want to roll around in the ecstatic understanding of who and what we are—godlike possibility—constantly.

Speaking of ecstasy, I’d like some more of that as well please. Pure, wild, raw, exhilarating, insatiable ecstasy. Morning. Night. Lunchtime. As much as I can get.

I want to unapologetically speak my mind and my heart. I want to take ownership over every action and word that I do and speak, without fear. I want to distill all negative self talk, all doubts and thoughts that do not serve me or others and that do not come from my higher self.

I want us to, in the words of Albert Camus, live life to the point of tears.

I want our educational institutions to wake the fuck up and start nourishing, cultivating, inspiring the next generations to be creative, to be curious, to reach into the depths of their beings and minds and flirt with every single idea of who they want to be until they have a pure knowing that they can do whatever they want, they can be whoever they want. I want our schools and educators to push the arts, the creative and to nourish our individual spirits rather than societal norms. I want them to encourage drawing outside of the lines in the way they currently do conformity.

I want my nieces to grow up confident and strong and loving. I want them to know their beauty because they feel it, because they were raised to see it, because they know their value and self worth intrinsically—not because someone had to tell them so. I want them to seek, to travel, to long for more. I want them to listen to and be led by their beautiful little hearts always, to embody their wild, innocent spirits and to be good, kind people.

I want to hear you read me your favourite book. I don’t care what language it’s in. I want to hear, feel, listen to words written by poets and writers that have forever marked us and history with letters they have stitched together for the world.

And if you sing, I want you to sing to me. And if you play an instrument, play that too.

As much as possible.

I want to see my close friends regularly. I want to love them and laugh with them and tell them how incredibly special they are. I want to tell them, more often, how grateful I am that they have stayed with me on this fucking hard, crazy, beautiful journey and for loving me, not despite my craziness and lower self moments and bad choices and the times where it takes me just a little longer to get it….but because of it all.

I want my parents to enjoy the rest of their lives. I want them to know how grateful I am to them for everything they have done. I want them to know that they have been my guides and my rocks and my teachers, that they matter, that their pasts matter, that their hardships and stories and everything they have done matters. But that now they need to stop working so hard and just enjoy life.

I want to serve the world. I want to make a difference.

I want to be guided from the moment I wake up by my spirit which is connected, grounded, mindful and in love. I want to remember that I am love. I want that to be the guiding principle for everyone.

I want it to be where my words come from, where my actions stem from, where my intentions live and where my thoughts go to sleep.

Now this is my call to action: it’s your turn. I invite you to take some time, grab a piece of paper or open up word and offer up your wants to the universe. Focus on them every single day. Own them every single day. I do believe the universe is constantly acting on our behalf and it is constantly giving us exactly what we have been focusing on.

We are co-creators with the laws of the universe, and if that’s too woo woo for you, just think of it in terms of physics—the laws of attraction, gravity, momentum…conceptually it works the same way.


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Author: Ella Clarke

Editor: Renee Picard

Image: Anna Maria Cinal at Flickr 

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