January 25, 2015

10 Photos: The first famous Mun.


Top 10 Hottest Muns are all Toshiro Mifune. #oohbaby

So Munny Right Now. They’re all the Buzz.

For years, men were (rather rightly) derided as “pony tail guys” if they grew their hair out. But America’s all about marketing! It’s not a purse! It’s a satchel! It’s not a pony tail! It’s a man bun. And the media is hungry to talk about trends and fads that don’t matter, instead of, say, Climate Change or plastic or bicycling or local activism or hot tubbing.

Swingers – You’re So Money!

Sorry ladies to sound all hipster about it—(but I’m 40, that’s olllld, so I should know)—I was into man buns before they were cool.

When I was only 8, I was sportin’ man buns—then known only to me as Toshiro Mifunes. What?

Get thee to Netflix. You don’t know Toshiro Mifune? He’s cool, if you’re a guy. He’s hot, if you’re a lady or some guys. Here he is, in all his munny splendor.

toshiro mifune

He's totally utterly marvellous!!!!!! 73f49e5e64bb87d020210af62053a97f 2bc2fb30b53f24e167abdd35d18022d3 179e6b46c6fd234488bf62f121570e43 e7e91517d1404772c75542869e5eb849 9f5fb00fd541c59c105c7e71240beea7 905ae43d144e9d5a30f526ca3ec28a16

Okay, here’s a couple hipster gents from Pinterest:enhanced-27202-1414736671-9 enhanced-20637-1414736019-11




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