January 13, 2015

10 Positive Side Effects of Enjoying Our Lives.

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Our bodies will die someday and we will leave this lovely place.

Why the f*ck would we do anything but the things we enjoy?

Sure, we gotta eat food, have a home, wear clothes (otherwise we’ll get arrested — which is a silly rule in my opinion) and all that stuff. And yes, those things require money.

But sh*t, we at least have the choice to enjoy what we’re doing while we do what we do.

We have the choice to either drag our a** and complain or turn on a good tune and wiggle our a** along the way as we dance through life.

I’ve done both and I gotta say, dancing through the journey is a whole lot more fun.

Enjoying the journey of life has side effects that I should mention.

1. We attract a cooler group of people to spend our lifespan with because, as we start doing more and more of what we enjoy, we’ll connect with others who share that same interests.

2. We’ll be healthier because, let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a scientist to understand that being happy is good for our health.

3. We’ll go on the most epic adventures and have the best stories to share because in the flow of following our bliss we’ll have many unforeseen side excursions that will be unpredictably cool.

4. People will talk behind our backs about how awesome and free spirited we are. If we’re lucky, they’ll even say we’re kinda crazy (in a good way)!

5. We will wake up stoked for the upcoming day, knowing that we are creating it to be exactly as we like.

6. Nobody will tell us who to be or what to do—except for ourselves of course.

7. We will get those sweet wrinkles around our eyes that happy old people have because we’ll always have a goofy smile on our face. Crows feet I believe they are called.

8. When we look at our calendar we’ll say, “Holy crap I live an awesome life, look at all the LFT’s (Look Forward To’s) I have coming up!

9. Instead of worrying about where to spend our money we’ll be dreaming up cooler ways to spend our time.

10. We will have a deep understanding (through experience) that life or the Universe truly supports us to be happy when we support ourselves to be happy.


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Author: Bradley Morris

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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