January 17, 2015

Dear Elephant, I don’t value you at all!

We get a lot of love. We also get a lot of complaints, like:

“If get your money-hungry warning page again, I’m quitting elephant!”


Dear angry reader: you can unlike us if you like, but you don’t have to unlike us if not wanting to pay to read is your reason.

We offer 3 free articles a day, 21 a week. That’s a lot of reading–free. If you want more, you can come back tomorrow for more free. We make very little money from ads because we don’t like them, and you don’t either, unless they come from mindful sponsors. Our $1/month membership (so cheap, and we use that to pay our editors and writers to make a living doing good work for you and 17 million other readers each month) gives unlimited reads to you for 1 little dollar a month.

Support mindful media! Or don’t! Either way, enjoy!

This little blog is offered as a clarification to where we’re coming from. We are here for you, and you can help us be of benefit to all! Value what you value! Or don’t! Either way, we’re at your service. ~ Waylon

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