January 20, 2015

Dear Future Love.



I dreamt of you last night. 

I felt your warmth and weight and presence next to me.

I heard your breathing.

You were lying on your back.




You turned, reached for me and pulled me to you,
My back to your chest,
Your arms around me,
My arms holding yours.

You, the big spoon, me the little spoon.

You kissed my head and I sighed with bliss.

We then moved together in love, looking deeply into each others eyes, speaking of our love as we were creating it.

I heard your voice.

I felt your lips on mine.

I felt our bodies moving in harmony.

When I awoke, I was alone.

But that’s okay.

I know we will be together soon, in the light.


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Author: Kendra Hackett

Editor:  Renee Picard  

Photo:  Wikimedia Commons 

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