January 17, 2015

Five Tips for Spicing Things Up in the Kitchen Since Absolutely Nothing is Happening in the Bedroom.

broccoli ball

Now that I live alone, I am much more innovative in the kitchen.

I am able to fully take charge of my own wellness and experiment with new healthy recipes without some hot bearded boyfriend distracting me with romance and genuine human connection.

My inner chef has really blossomed!

Last night, I had a very limited ingredient selection that challenged me to get creative without having to leave my apartment, where it’s safe.

I made a Shredded Boca Burger-Rice Cake-Hummus Ball with a Zesty Sriracha Squirt. Then, this morning I made a Smashed Banana-Almond Butter Swirley Bowl with Fork Stabbed-out Blueberry Goo.

And I didn’t have to go outside of my apartment where it’s scary.

Cooking for one doesn’t have to be depressing.

It can be almost as fun as sharing a meal with a loved one!

Five Tips for Spicing Things Up in the Kitchen Since Absolutely Nothing is Happening in the Bedroom.

1. Multitask!
A watched pot never boils. While you are waiting on your zuchinni noodles to become not at all like pasta. I catch up with my tinder matches or meditate.

2. Kitchen tunes!
Cooking is the perfect way to get my Norah Jones time in or discover a new artist such as Linda Ronstadt.

3. Experiment!
There’s no one there to judge what a real meal should look like. Even if it’s chaos rolled up into a ball, it’s a meal if you say it is.

4. Get creative with garnishes!
I’ve discovered there many more options than peanut butter.

5. Use your favorite utensils.
I like to use my Yogurtland spoon so that every meal I can pretend I’m really eating frozen yogurt.

So ladies, have fun, get crazy and  don’t forget the activated charcoal.

And remember this, a meal is up to your discretion.


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Author: Kristi Leigh Snyder 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author

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