January 26, 2015

I See You.

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Hello beautiful tiny human.

I see you.

I see your open unfiltered eyes.

I see the universe in your right and all my past lifetimes in your left.

I see you focused on my gaze, working to solve the mystery.

I see every color in the blue pools of your soul.

I see your fears, your joys, your unspoken love for all that is, and is coming.

I see your purity, and it frightens me, and excites me.

I see your yearning to learn, to explore, to live, to be.

I see the impossibility of this being your first trip to this Earth.

I see your honest depth, and unwavering faith.

I see your thirst for all you need, and all I hope to provide.

I see the sparkle, the twinkle and magic you gift to me.

I see everything through your eyes, when I am awake, open and willing.

I see you teaching me with silence.

I see your tears well when your cup of emotion overflows.

I see the flash of knowing in your being.

I see the knowingness that behind that flash lays a bright profound light.

I see all that is good in myself in you.

I see the courage of your father in you.

I see the humor of your uncle in you.

I see your uniqueness in all its glory.

I see your adoration for life.

I see your ability to convey that adoration with a simple glance.

I see all the complexities, and the pure simplicity, of the universe in your soul.

I see the unwavering substance in your glowing energy.

I see the shift of the Earth in your breath.

I see the shift of my mind in your smile.

I see the shift of my heart in your pulse.

I see all that is right, all that is beautiful and all that is love, in your everything.

I see you my child.

I see you.


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Author: Bailey Gaddis

Apprentice Editor: Aisling McAtter/Editor: Travis May

Photos: Provided by author

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Read 8 comments and reply

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