January 29, 2015

I’m Triggered: Shame Spiral! #imtriggered


Donna and Leslie explore the triggering nature of shame spirals in the latest installment of their web series “I’m Triggered.”

Donna and Leslie are roommates who use psychology speak to discuss triggering issues.

A new year conjures up thoughts of goals we want to achieve. Resolutions and even intention setting can skew the fact that we are perfect just as we are in this moment.

And as some traditional Buddhist saying goes, “You’re perfect the way you are and you need some work.”

While Leslie believes that having her home perfectly purged and organized will make life effortless and she will become the person she’s always dreamt of being, this is not true. However, having an organized home is helpful.

Donna has titled 2015: “The Year of Cutting Loose.” She has discovered that being of service can retain a sense of playfulness. She also realizes that she can stop after one cookie.

When we set intuitions, feelings of shame and/or comparison can be ignited. Sometimes it is helpful to release control of our notion of how these intentions should unfold and live in the great Mystery that is the wonderment of life.


Remember, when you make your resolutions, to allow space for life to unfold in a manner even more magical than you could perhaps fathom. #LetYourDreamsDreamBig

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Author: Karen Forman and Nicole Dalton

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Vid Still

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