January 30, 2015

Warning: Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial Will Heat up Your Heart & Bring a Tear to Your Eye.

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Following my previous article regarding the bad taste of a particular Super Bowl commercial, it seems that not all companies choose to go down the shock tactic road to promote their products.

A recent commercial by GoDaddy was taken down within hours of its release due to the huge backlash on social media. This proves once again the immense power of the people when they stand together to voice loudly that it is not acceptable for animals to be portrayed as a commodity.

GoDaddy may have got their name up in lights, but albeit for all the wrong reasons and although may have brought more custom towards them, it will also turn a lot of people off.

Although GoDaddy argued that the commercial was meant to be funny and lighthearted, there is nothing lighthearted about the abuse that animals suffer at the hands of many who see them as an exchange for dollar notes.

It appears that GoDaddy were trying to put a twist on Budweiser’s affectionate commercials, which show the soft, gentle and sincere nature that so many animals possess. The angle GoDaddy used was unacceptable in the eyes of many and fortunately, they made the decision to remove it from the Internet and it will not be included in the Super Bowl schedule.

Advertising during the Super Bowl is extremely influential as the eyes of tens of millions of viewers from all across the world will be watching these commercials, which is why the cost of a 30 second advertisement is 4.5 million dollars.

The commercials are meant to be hard hitting and leave an after effect, so it is vital that the message that is being portrayed is a positive one towards animals and one that is delivered in a way to promote respect, care and attention and not the opposite.

Budweiser has just released their latest commercial which is to be shown during the Super Bowl break and being a huge animal lover myself I have to give it full marks.

Not only does the commercial show the sensitive, loving and caring nature that animals are known to have, it is also sure to bring a tear to the eyes of millions of viewers, for all the right reason.

For me, anything that promotes animals being shown for their positive qualities and not as a commodity or as a meal is a direct route to my heart every time.



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Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photo: screenshot from Youtube video 

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