February 1, 2015

When we Make Love, I Want to Feel Your Heart. {Adult}


Caution: Hot and juicy adult language erotica below (don’t burn yourself)!

The irresistible lover is not only one who has honed his skills to perfection.

Skill and passion? Yes! We want that!

But is it everything that we long for?

The love scenes from the movie ‘Unfaithful’ starring Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez have the power to move us into longing for that dangerous, confident lover. The one who just gets what we need…if the stars are aligned and the right pheromones are firing.

We women are tender at the core, and character speaks to us loud and clear. Can a lover be both dangerous and safe? What makes a man addictive to the female soul? It won’t be the same thing for all of us, I guarantee it. But there are a few things that are central to keeping us coming back for more.

A small list of what stokes us:

1. Speak well of me to your friends. Protect my honor. This, I hope, will never go out of fashion
2. Show me that what I have is what you need. The irresistible lover makes you feel the same
3. Allow me to feel your heart when you are preparing me for sex. I will open in countless ways if you are engaged with me emotionally
4. Teach me what you need and be open to learning about me
5. Loyalty, honesty…without question an essential part of feeling safe with a sexual partner
6. Be open to my wild side. Don’t judge me by my cover. Let me surprise you.

A story about that lover.

When he spoke to her of sex, he spoke of his need. It was never, ‘I want,’ first.

He conveyed that what she had was something he longed for through the many seconds of the day. And it was in seconds that he counted when he could have her. The image of her surrendering to his requests with such poetic elegance made him weak. He needed her submission like the morning needs the dark to retreat to its place in the order of things.

They both knew that there would be no choice, really, that she would give in, and that he would demand her acquiescence.

His need began at his heart. It always ended where she expected it would; at his fingertips as they explored her, at the flat of his tongue as he laid it against her most sacred place, in the fullness of his cock when he entered her.

When he looked up at her from his place before her, his eyes held patience and a steely determination to get everything that he wanted.

His face showed that ‘no’ would not be an answer he’d entertain…but by that time he had wooed her with his soul.

And as she stood shaking before him because he looked so wild in his desire, she nodded yes, and said please, in the way that he had taught her to.

She loved seeing him on his knees, a servant to her ecstasy. It was his sinful smile, though, that broke all barriers between them. He was sure of himself, yes, but more than that. His smile reminded her of other nights, of other things she had let him do. She might blush at his words, but she could not deny that he owned her.

On the other side of his ability to seduce every last bit of resistance from her, was his fierce love for her; his promise to be there until the day when she no longer wanted nor needed him. So when he asked for her hands so he could bind them, it was with the understanding that he was completely undone by her submission.

When he told her to pick from the toys and tools that he could use that night, he was giving her the upper hand. No matter how much pleasure he got from seeing her fall apart before him, whether it was from pleasure or from pain, it was really her experience that mattered most. On the few nights that she flatly refused one of his requests, he would suffer the wound of thinking that he had offended her love.

His remorse made him exacting in his attentions.

His friends questioned him on occasion…what exactly was the thing that he found so beguiling about her? Yes, she was pretty, but no-one would say that she was a beauty.

“It’s her heart.” He would answer and dare them with his gaze to say anything negative about his love.

“Yes, ok. It’s her heart. But anyone would love you, look at you.”

And indeed, there were many stares, many suggestive smiles, even overt suggestions. And she enjoyed seeing him admired. Why should he not be? He was charming, he was intelligent, handsome.

He was loyal. Perhaps that was his biggest attraction.

“Do you really want to know what it is?” He taunted them, because they wanted details of some secret skill that she possessed that made a man like him stay.

“It’s more than that she loves me. She loves me sweetly. She’s sweet even when she’s giving me shit for some buffoon thing that I did. Her smile comes from deep inside. She’s honest.” He could tell that they did not understand.

What he didn’t say is that when she was angry, and held him accountable for his words or his actions, that he was blown away by the fire within her, and that it aroused him to see her so openly unafraid to share her feelings.

He didn’t say that her mind held him as captive as the beauty of her sex.

He didn’t say that she was a great lover because she had a most giving and thoughtful nature, or that she said things while she fucked him that shocked him still.

He didn’t say it because it was none of their business.

He watched her face as she set aside the small beaded whip. She was quiet. Serious. Sex was something she took great care with. She smiled as she turned toward him. This is when she made him most aroused; when her smile spoke so much innocent promise. She waited for his instructions.

“On your hands and knees, my love. Face to the floor.” He answered her silent question.


She opened, observant of how gruff his voice had become. It made her wet and he noticed.
His chest grew tight. She looked so delicious in this compromising pose, waiting for first his breath on her skin, then his mouth, then his tongue. It was her trust, mostly, that kept him. She gave it with no strings attached.

It was pure. It made her undeniably interesting, and impossible to betray.


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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photo Credit: Sara Kager at Pixoto 

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