Where I’ll Meet You. {Poem}

Via Jennifer Monet
on Jan 4, 2015
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I’d love to meet you.

But I don’t want to meet you where you’re at.
If where you’re at
Is someplace I used to live.
If where you’re at is in your head,
I live in the heart now.

We can meet there.

I don’t want to meet you in safe spaces,
Or in the pages of a book you’ve read
About what it means to love.
Instead, I’ll meet you in the swirling abyss
The one that may suck you up,
And turn you upside down.

I won’t meet you in the words,
I’ll meet you in the silence.

I’ll meet you in the real terror of the unknown.
But I won’t meet you in a dark cave,
Where you hide in the shadows
Of “what could go wrong.”
I’ll wait at the opening, I’ll stand outside.
But not forever,
Because I don’t live there anymore.

No, I won’t meet you where you’re at.
I’ll meet you in the light.


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Author: Jennifer Monet

Volunteer Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own


About Jennifer Monet

Jennifer Monet is a writer, artist, yogi, and English teacher depending on the day of the week. No matter what day it is, she is a lover of the adventure called life. She specializes in encouraging others to living creatively and with passion. You can learn more about her through her blog.


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