January 31, 2015

Why I felt Happy when My Uncle Died.


Death, it calls us to another level of traveling around this universe.

I  just witnessed an intimate encounter with death of an extremely loved one. I live in a joint family in India, where everyone lives together. This naturally results in magnified bonding and sharing of love with everyone in the family.

My dad’s younger brother died and death is all about grieving here. We cry.

But the way I see it, the way my soul came and entered a body (from a body), it simply withdraws itself and moves on.
I realize we take nothing back. Not even the body, probably because bodies were made only for our soul to dwell in during life.

I don’t know why they are crying—my account of the past 24 hours following his death, has left me surrounded by a godly feeling around me. I suddenly feel immensely calm, fearless and exceptional.

My uncle passed away, his soul was now eligible to visit and experience another dimension of this existence of everything, or something.

Which has no name. Say Universe for instance.

I feel happy and at peace, he is god now.

What is god? A higher entity, a supreme being. He is supreme or a higher entity because now he can travel beyond this world,see things that we as humans can’t, learn things that we as humans can’t even recognize. The universe needed him to be there, everyone has needs, even the universe.

My perspective of being happy and at bliss with the death of my uncle is frowned upon, also seen as sadistic in nature.

Because death is seen as a suffering. But as I see it, the body is only put to ease, to rest. The soul has been promoted, been given divine eligibilities and permissions and further powers. And I see it as a blessing.


I also realised the beauty of the body lies in the soul. Beauty is skin deep.

While we have soul/spirit in your body, we glow. We look eternally beautiful and alive.

Once the soul departs from the body, the body becomes useless. Pale. White. Still. Colored. Dry.

We adorn and decorate  our bodies with make-up, the clothes and accessories and give redundant importance to the outer image.

Only to realize that none of this matters, as long as we have life in our body, we’ll look beautiful.

* Here god refers to the feeling of the higher entity/aura the writer feels.
* This write-up was written 24 hours after the incident in the writer’s personal diary.

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Author: Kiran Dave

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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