February 28, 2015

10 Things We don’t got Time For!

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10 Things the most mindful person in the world doesn’t have sympathy for.

Elephant is all about compassion. As the Dalai Lama said, compassion is not a luxury in this day and age—it’s a necessity.

But there’s a thing called idiot compassion. Look it up. There are things that it’s not helpful or healthy to have sympathy for.


1. “Go fund yourself.” People who create crowd-funding campaigns for their personal vacations.

Saw a girl on Facebook trying to raise money for her trip around the world. Tried to sell how it was a spiritual journey to ‘find herself’. She didn’t raise a damn penny, which I know bc I logged on everyday to the site just to laugh. “go fund yourself.”

2. People who refuse to ever point their finger at themselves. Instead: Drive all blames into one, it’s good for you. Related: People who “debate” without listening. Without leaving room for changing their minds.

3. People who slack off then complain about bad results. No, it’s not the teacher’s fault.

4. People who watch the Bachelor or know what Miley did when, but pretend to be above it. 

5. People less interested in science and facts and reason than winning points in Facebook comment flamewars. See: #2.

6. People who don’t use protection. Related: abusive parents. Neglectful parents or parents who allow their children to get morbidly obese. Related: pet guardians who can’t be bothered to train themselves to be good leaders. Related: Animal neglect or abuse. Why even have the pet?

Related: college kids (or anyone) who adopt a cute puppy from a mill then return it to the humane society when it becomes too much trouble. This happens constantly in my hometown. Sorta related: drunk drivers. No, you’re not safe to drive.

7. People who don’t care much about others. People who brag about bullying, stealing, being mean, destroying something. People who drop their cigarette butts or make messes in public stores or restaurants. People who return their perfectly-fine food when it was their fault for ordering vaguely.

no time sympathy

8. People who treat those working in the customer service industry as inferiors.

The sense of entitlement they feel is just so sickening.

9. Trustafarians and others who are constantly “broke” even though they have enough money to smoke weed all day every day. Folks who live off their elders and have little intention to figure out their own livelihood. My hometown is full of these.

10. Rapists.

Some of these come from here. Many more here.



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