February 10, 2015

All I Need is This. {Poem}


All I need is this.

I expected so much of you
To build me a home
To fill it with memories and love
To build it on trust and kindness
To ground it deep in our hearts.

I expected the world of you
To plant your seeds in me
To nurture me and be my safe place
To love me where one could not be loved
To be faithful.

I expected the worst of you
To leave me hanging in my worst of times
To bail on your dreams
To bail on your children
To bail on your sanity
To bail on us.

I expected the best of you
To raise up to your potential
To meet me halfways always
To navigate my oceans
To fulfill my needs.

I expected so little of you
To be there
To love tender
To be true
To take out the garbage.

I expected the promise of us
To last though the storm
To care for our home
To never hold out
To give up the fight.

Little did I know
To forgive your worst
To accept your best
To let go of all
To accept the whole.

Be that as it may
I expect today
To forgive myself
To love and foremost
To expect nothing at all.


That Kind of Love. {Poem}


Author: Irina Latis

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Wikipedia

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