February 18, 2015

#FaceWorld. {Poem}

cell phone, technology

Welcome to the New World Order of

Emotionless banter and Social disconnect—

“Home to propaganda that craves respect.”


Programmatic, Native, and Mobile in their disguises—

Pushing unwanted, infinite messages on us

As we troll through pictures of our soul’s past lives.


I’m addicted to this never ending news feed of

Airbrushed beauty, false news, and uplifting quotes

That release enough dopamine and serotonin to cope…


I want to clog this diversified media brain-drain

and wake up to sunshine and birdsongs but my

Comparative eye watches—as the devil rests.


Individually unified in this picturesque #FaceWorld

Of tech-zombies that march to daily duties and

Never really focus on their present selfie



Showing no remorse to un-pleated pants and skinny jeans

That suffocate the balls of hashtag hope and change


Checking-in to inflate our false, amplified Super-egos

While posting pictures of resentment for

The world to gawk at, friend, and “like” repeatedly.


These gods make promises of instant gratification

By selfishly generating immediate cognitive stimulation

and providing us endless material for masturbation.


A nation of Individualized Operating Systems

Being tracked and hacked by False prophets who

Promise to Heal our sick, elongate our dicks, and make us rich.


The integration of technology, humanity, and insanity

is here to stay and funded through unwanted game requests,

Fake breasts, and Denny’s breakfast.


Author: Ken Sammons

Editor: Emma Ruffin

Photo: Zolive/Flickr

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