February 15, 2015

Gathering Stones from the Ocean. {Poem}


Gathering Stones from the Ocean

Meet me in the water. We travelled
the length of life to be here. Apart
we aren’t whole, a shock to the system
called us. But here we are, dear, with
no demands wedged against us. Stumbling
through pilgrimage, I fumble a few
wet stones. The breeze opens my senses
as cold water stings our bare feet.
Your hand on my shoulder calms
a hungry jungle.

If you don’t tell
a healing story within a year of trauma,
you drown in swampy despair. You can
filter it all in the Pacific. Here, the soft
light of wonder erases fear.

Come with me
into the lungs of the blue earth, rest in
its undulation, the romance of sun, moon,
and the sway of the unseen. This place
has been on slow simmer since
the climate stabilized. Feel how
real love unlocks the hidden garden
where the physical and mystical planes

Kiss me long enough to taste
eternity. Look at this beautiful sea stone.
Can we take it home?



Author: Michael Graber

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: a.pitch/Flickr

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