February 18, 2015

If Chance Should Find Us on Opposite Ends of the Universe. {Poem}

Photo: Hitesh Chhabra via Pixoto

If chance should find us on opposite ends of the universe
I will grow my heart wider to reach you on the other side.

If the passage of time should make you unrecognizable
I will grow my heart larger to love whatever you become.

If ever you think you have lost me, just look up at the firmament
And know there is a piece of me there in the stars.

Hide yourself in the multitude of creation,
And I will race through the kingdoms,
The reindeer and lions, monkeys and sloths,
To make love in the springtime and celebrate the dawn.

The universe is a whale waiting to swallow us whole.
Soon we will be digested, only become the ocean.

There are times we must float our fate on the winds
And surrender to the places we might land.

Now is the time to make our hearts large.





She Holds the Universe. 




Author: Theo Horesh 

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Hitesh Chhabra at Pixoto 



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Read 1 comment and reply

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