February 13, 2015

Is Love Real?

author's photo:  Miller & Debbie Harrell

What the hell is love anyway?

How does one find their soul mate? Is love even real?

I’ve seen, read and heard these questions over and over throughout the years—quite honestly, I have never asked them of myself.

I guess I just don’t get it.

It’s as if we want to turn love into a science, instead of allowing it to be the art form that it truly is. In fact, I’d say—love is a dying art.

Perhaps people are trying too hard to make it happen. We cannot rush or force love.

Love is something that just happens—as naturally as the human existence.

My wife Debbie and I weren’t looking for love when we met back in April of 1982. As a matter of fact, weren’t even remotely interested in love, let alone a relationship!

We were both just floating along day to day, trying to get through some rather interesting times.

Needless to say, the day we met came as a complete shock! We both just wanted to run from each other we were afraid that what we were feeling would soon take over—and it did.

Not too long ago, I reminded her how I felt that day:

“You were hauntingly familiar to me when we met. The closer we became the more I felt the sensation that this was not the first time. You were exotic, cosmic and strange, though somehow familiar as your soul, my soul—our soul—was reunited.”

So what is love?

Perhaps love is an emotional and spiritual collision of body, mind and spirit!

What I know without a doubt is that Debbie and I would die for each other. We’d wipe each other’s butts if needed. We’d live under a bridge if needed, to stay together.

Love is a connection that solidifies between two people.

Love is staying awake all night to take care of our partner. Love is a safe heart and mind. Love is once and for all.

But really, no one should ask me—I’ve never loved anyone but Debbie!

I never understood love—or ever gave it any thought—until we met.

Then I just knew.

Our love wasn’t gradual—it didn’t take any time to develop.

Love was, and is, a natural response that happens when the other half of our soul stands in our presence.

What is love to you?


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 Author: Miller & Debbie Harrell

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