February 10, 2015

Loving A**holes Gets Old.

Loving a**holes gets old.

Dating a man who leaves you on the side of a dirt road, or dancing on a bar with a bottle of red wine with visions of soft bellowing kisses as he blasts off into the night in a tour bus—gets old.

Dating a man who can’t take care of himself—gets old.

Dating a man who can’t find the balls of his accountability—gets old.

Dating a man who uses his blue, and green eyes with gold on every woman he meets—gets old.

Dating a man who says, “Darling, let’s just enjoy this moment! This moment is life!” gets old.

There is freedom in love.

Dating a man whose heart is not open gets old.

Date a man who knows your time is as important as air.

Date a man who shows up on time, who opens the door even though he knows you are strong and able.

Date a man who doesn’t need to run away, because he is ready to love.

Date a man who lays kisses on the ground beneath your feet, as he is blinded by your worthiness.

Date a man who not only bends and licks your soul but isn’t afraid to love the hell out of you.

All else is a waste of heart space.

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Author: Janne Robinson

Editor: Renee Picard

Image: Pixoto

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