February 13, 2015

You Haunt Me. {Poem}

feather hand let go

You Haunt Me

I close my eyes. You are there.

I blink you return.

I scream, throw my mind into chaos to disturb and shake free from our pain.

You grow louder and your screeching breaks then splinters my bones.

I sleep. You seep in.

You slowly crawl disturbing dusty corners in my head.

You step on each silver web of fairy tale spun lies.

I hoped when we died you would go too.

Though, you are more vibrant now than you ever were before.

You are raw with my wounds your destruction shows no mercy.

Do you suffer as I do?

Do you wake frozen from fear when reality reveals its curse?

In the dark before dawn I creep out to hold the night.

Your shadow follows.

Your footsteps creak in wood with each breath from the wind.

You seduce me when the rain wets my skin.

Your fire burns with each soft sweet kiss from the sun.

Through smoke filled eyes your silhouette is now clear to see.

Your graceful steps tread into my soul.

I can’t resist the pleasure as you calm and you soothe.

I hear whispers, though the voice is not yours.

I trace paths that we took, winding roads, lead me back to the start.
You dismantled each bridge and destroyed all our rope.

Only ghosts now remain, yours touches mine.

You followed me here, though I called your name.

You haunt me my love.

And I never want you to leave.



Author: Alexsandra Myles

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Rosa Majalis/Flickr

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