February 23, 2015

You Touch me in Countless Ways. {Poem}


 You touch me in countless ways.

Every single brush of your being finds

the raw hunger that lay patiently

waiting for only you, for so long.

You voice caresses my ears and captures

my heart with every word;

I am your attentive lover, eager to hear you,

to learn from you, to respond to you.

Your lips taste each of my special places

with gentleness and urgency all at once;

always returning to my mouth, to share.

Every inch of my body responds when

your fingers play me, as if I were meant

to produce a symphony of erotic bliss

that describes our spectacular love.

Your skin against my own, beneath my hand,

is pleasure, contrast, complement and desire.

You possess me from deep within

the center of my soul and I willingly give

myself to you for as long as you will have me.

You have opened my eyes to beauty and truth,

to forward thinking and mindfulness.

You have taught me how to breathe; how to

believe in who I am and who I will become.

My eyes take you in and I try to capture your image in my mind,

so that I may never be apart from you.

Your body is strong against mine, within mine,

you take me, you own me, you let me fly.

You satisfy something inside of me

that I barely knew lived there, and yet

I always knew that I needed you.

You were my muse from across time and place

long before we could ever have met,

and now you are here with me.

You guide me toward a life without boundaries,

teach me to realize dreams and bathe in the essence

of accomplishment, fulfillment and peace;

you have given me perspective and balance.

I will spend the rest of my days appreciative

that you took notice and did not find me invisible;

but saw the woman that I am deep within.

I loved you long ago, I love you now,

I will love only you, always.




Author: Dena Martin

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Deviant Art

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