March 22, 2015

12 Easy Ways to Bring Spring into your Home.


Spring is my absolute favourite season of the year…after the cold winter months there is nothing lovelier than feeling a bit of sun on my face.

The anticipation of summer and the knowledge that every single day winter is further behind me is priceless—despite being a redhead I love the sun, even if it doesn’t like me!

The colours of life move from dull browns and greys into greens and yellows. The season touches everyone’s spirit. I love to embrace spring whole-heartedly and there’s no better way than by brightening up my home to fit with the season.

Spring is finally here and the botanical trend is on, let’s rock it. Here are 12 easy and fun ways to bring spring into your home this year:

Make edible flower ice cubes

This is a sophisticated and ingenious but very, very simple idea that anyone can try. If you don’t want to go to the effort of growing or buying edible flowers, you can use bits of mint, rosemary, lavender or any herbs you have around. Pinch a bit off and place small bits of the herb or petals from the edible flowers in your ice cube tray, then fill up and freeze as normal. You will have beautiful floral ice cubs for the ultimate on-trend spring cocktails.

Relax onto botanical cushions

You can buy leaf print cushions everywhere right now, and they make a fab addition to your living room. Just chuck ’em on the couch, lay back and admire how easily you’ve just brought spring to your front room.

Plant herbs on your windowsill

For under $10 you can plant a sunny windowsill full of herbs and watch them grow before your eyes. Not only does it looks fantastic, but you can use your own organic herbs at your next dinner party and really impress your friends.

Grow tulips in the vase

For this you just need a tall vase, some glass beads and tulip bulbs. Fill the bottom of your vase about three inches up with the glass beads, place the bulbs on the bottom. Fill the water up so that it just covers the bottom of your bulbs. Place the vase on a sunny windowsill and make sure you top up the water to the same level. This is both interior design and science experiment!

Plant an indoor hanging basket

Hanging baskets are a really easy way to bring the best of nature inside. They take half an hour to plant and give an instant spring feel to any room. The only difference for hanging inside is you need a self-watering basket. These have two basket layers so your water drains in to the bottom layer without draining onto your floor. Use bright contrasting florals which make a statement and show of your green thumb.

Add edible flowers to your salad

This takes about five seconds to do (once you have the edible flowers at home) and dresses up a salad beautifully. Edible flowers come in tons of different colours and flavours. Try Nasturtium, which will add a lovely peppery zing to your salad.

Use an essential oil diffuser

It’s easy to bring the smell of spring inside with an essential oil diffuser. Try adding a couple of drops of pine, eucalyptus or bergamot to the water.

Plant seedlings in decorative egg shells

Spring is the perfect time to connect with nature! Use eggshells to grow seedlings on your kitchen windowsill before planting the whole thing outside. If you have kids you can even make an art project out of it to get them involved. Decorate the outside of the eggshells with edible glitter and cake decorations. A perfect spring/Easter activity.

Frame flower pressings

Pressing flowers is really easy to do and they can be framed into a beautiful vintage display. Place the flowers in between the pages of an old, heavy book. Make sure you place kitchen towel on either side of the flower then layer the pages with as many flowers as you like. Rest something heavy on it and check back in 2-3 weeks.

Plant succulents

Succulents are the ultimate lazy gardener plants. They are hardy and able to retain water for a long period of time which means you can create a beautiful display with minimum effort. Use brightly colours mugs or bowls and bring spring inside.

Plant an open bottle garden

Open bottle gardens mix the natural with the industrial which is a stylish and fun way to bring spring indoors. You just need a large glass bottle, some gravel and sand and some beautiful grasses and flowers to go inside. The beauty about this is that there is minimum maintenance and watering required because if you do it right it becomes a self-sustaining habitat.

Hang a vintage botanical chart

These are super cool and can be found in vintage fairs and car boot sales for a fraction of the price you would buy them new. An easy way to bring spring into any room and rock the botanical trend.



Author: Cheryl Clarke

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: martinak15/Flickr


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