March 10, 2015

4 Books that can Help us gain Insight into Illness.


One of the most difficult parts of being sick or ill can be the not having a clue about what’s going on with our bodies and mind.

The confusion and the misinformation can be dizzying.

The tests and bloodwork and the biopsies and MRIs.

And the waiting, always the waiting.

And with that, the inevitable worrying.

And sometimes going to the doctor in the end means getting no answers at all.

This is not to say that Western medicine isn’t a true marvel.

It is.

But Western Medicine is not the end all and be all of health. We all know this. Because there are so many mysteries about our health and so much searching for the answers in Western Medicine that we definitely know we don’t have all the answers.

That is why I like to keep searching for information about illness and health.

Because a lot of the time human suffering isn’t about the actual pain itself. Humans are tough and can take a lot.

The suffering many times is in the unknown. How long will I have to bare this pain? Will I ever get better? What if I am like this forever?

And since we live in a remarkable time where we have access to an extensive amount of information we have the option to learn from many sources about health and then pick and choose what we feel is right for us.

Looking for information that is out-of-the-box about why we get sick and the root cause of illness?

Here are four books that will definitely have you thinking deeply about humanity and how we get sick and how we can get well.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

For anyone who has never read anything about how emotions and belief systems affect our health but is curious, this is the book. Louise Hay is an institution, the Mother really to Western thought about how our thoughts create our reality. Easy to read and thought-provoking. You Can Heal Your Life is really worth a read.

Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss

Ready to dig a little deeper into the tribal beliefs of chakras and the root cause of major illnesses in our society? This is the book. Carolyn Myss is a medical intuitive that shares a wealth of information about how the belief systems in the energetic field and chakras are affecting our health.

Diary of a Medical Intuitive by Christel Nani

Much of what is in Christel Nani’s book is similar to what Carolyn Myss is describing but Nani takes the reader through her very personal journey and many anecdotal stories of clients she has worked with. Nani is exceptionally clear about the importance of living our life purpose for our physical health and describes in detail what needs to happen within the energy field in order for there to be health in the body. I found this to be a very easy and enjoyable read.

When The Body Says No: The Hidden Cost of Stress by Dr. Gabor Mate

Dr. Gabor Mate takes us on a journey through some of the most common diseases of our time and connects the dots between childhood trauma, suppressing anger and becoming sick. Dr. Mate shows us the latest research into diseases such as ALS and breast cancer and uses concrete examples to show the reader how dealing with our emotions and our stress is a direct route to increasing our health.

All of these four books have been integral to me on my own healing journey. And what I know for sure is that all of the elephant journal readers out there are brilliant and informed, curious and knowledgeable. So, let us know in the comment section what  books need to be added to this list.



How to Stop Attacking Yourself: 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease.


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Editor: Travis May

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