March 7, 2015

I will not Put Clothes on for You.

clothes on

It was bound to happen eventually.

Today was the day.

Someone (other than my mother) asked me to wear clothes in my photos.


I’m not looking for a certain kind of attention.

I’m not trying to attract voyeurs to my feed.

I share naked asana photos because I love my body.

I am proud of my body.

I share nude photos because I have made a commitment to speak my truth and to live with authenticity.

This is how I practice yoga. Bare. Stripped. Raw. Naked.

This is how I share my truths. Bare. Stripped. Raw. Naked.

Rarely do I film or record  my personal yoga practice, but pictures are usually taken afterward. On Facebook and Instagram I share my day, honestly. Struggles, fears, triumphs, my yoga and my process.

This is how I feel comfortable.

This is me being authentically myself, this is how I practice Satya.

If I were to edit, censor or cover up, it simply wouldn’t be the real thing.

In my home and my personal practice—the photos I share, I get to decide. I share nude photos with the world beacuse they represent me as a human being.

I make mistakes.

I make a ton of mistakes

Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow from them.

Often I feel like I am naked in the world. My photos are a representation of my feelings and my thoughts. My deepest desires, wishes, inspirations and processes.

These photos are a representation of how I feel and personal happenings each day.

So, no.

I will not put my clothes on for you.

I will not edit or censor myself, because you feel it is more polite.

This is my journey and I invite you to take part. I invite you to take a glimpse into my world and share yours with me.

I do always read and appreciate the feedback. Even if I don’t always agree.

Peace, love, namaste.

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Author: Lauren Rudick

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author, flickr

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