March 16, 2015

I’m on the Way to Kiss a Man Goodbye. {Poem}

Photo Credit: Carly Flint

I’m on the way to kiss a man goodbye

he asks to come with me
he has a ride
I smile
like flies to honey
except the kind of flies you don’t mind
long haired

I’m on the way to kiss a man goodbye
and it’s too soon to kiss another man hello
little fly
I see it in his eyes
then the words come
as I know they will
Can I take you on a micro date?

a micro date
where we look at the stars
fumble between kisses
covered in sand on the beach
swim in the ocean
drink a seven-year-old rum from the bottle
collapse upon one another
wake to warm limbs and a sunrise?

I’ve done that
and like I said
I’ve got a man to kiss goodbye
Can I just kiss you?
I laugh
I almost let him
drown in my honey
get drunk and dizzy
I hug him goodbye
tell him he can take me on a macro date
if I ever make it to New York.





Kiss Me.


Author: Janne Robinson 

Editor: Renee Picard  

Photo: by Carly Flint / via the author

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