March 17, 2015

Let’s Go on an Adventure.

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Let’s go on an adventure.

You can drive, my darling—I only want to stick my feet out the window and watch the world blur.


Why, anywhere at all!

It hardly matters, so long as Sun, Sea, Mountains and Magic are invited.


Let’s go on an adventure, my dear.

I want to hear my comfort zone shatter and my worldview with it.

Let’s make normal do handstands and backflips.


Because to hell with the status quo!

We’ve never been normal, anyways.


Let’s go on an adventure—

Wake up before dawn and chase the sun out of town.


Why, tomorrow of course!

If we wait any longer we may never leave.


Let’s go on an adventure, my friend.

This routine business is making my legs tired.

Far better to run, I’d say.

Don’t you agree?

Surely there are meadows and forests and cliffs and rivers to be forged.

One has only to choose the path of most interesting obstacles.


Let’s go on an adventure.

Everything is calling my name.

It would be awfully rude not to answer.


Why, that is the silliest question of all. It is easy:

By water or land or sky; boat or bike or wings or train. Any way at all, really.

Though I must admit, I had really rather fly.


Let’s go on an adventure, my love.

I’ll take the wheel when your eyes grow tired.

My heart is craving everything new, with you at my side to taste it.

What is there to say?

Yes is the only answer there is, you see.

Dawn is nearing; my blood is coursing; the race beginning to the other side of the sun.

Are you ready to go?


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Author: Toby Israel

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Courtesy of Author/Pixoto

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