March 17, 2015

Life Lessons from my Heart on a Spring Day.


My heart’s been shy for the past few weeks.

As an endless winter trudged on, she crawled inside a safe, soft space to rest.

She snoozed and snoozed in a delicious, sometimes sad, slightly lonely slumber.

But, now, she’s bursting open like a blooming lily, ready to shake the world and make hell—gently.

She’s ready.

As I walk outside on this almost Spring day, she chatters wildly in my ear, like an excited little robin.

I’m so goddamn happy to feel her sweet, inspired wildness.

And I’m ready to taste her wisdom.

My heart, my sweet and fiery heart, I beg you, tell me everything I need to know.

And so she does.

She spits out word after succulent word, a shiny pearl necklace that just won’t stop unfolding.

I drink it in.

She says…

Do you know you’re worthy?

Worthy of respect. Worthy of fulfillment as vast as the seven seas. Worthy of a love that makes you tingle all over. Worthy of a life that’s so f*cking brilliant, it brings tears to your eyes and toothy smiles to your soul.




You’re worth a billion more than a billion. Capable of more than you can imagine. Chock full of courage. Dazzling like snowy diamonds. Fierce as a tornado. Perfect, flaws and all.




Don’t bask in the shadows of guilt. Don’t hide in shrouded shame or poisonous clouds of self-doubt. You’re allowed to shine. Destined to shine. You are meant to be so f*cking proud of who you are.




Step outside and make this life your own. Dance in gusts of wind as the grass carpets your bare feet. Scream to the world wildly. Open your eyes. Speak your mind. Honor your truth. Everything you need is right here.




You are never, ever alone. I am always here. If you’re sad, I’m here. If you’re scared, I’m here. If you’re happy I’m here. If you fail, I’m here. If you succeed, I’m here.




And I f*cking love you.

My heart, my sweet and fiery heart, she tells me she loves me.

I cry into her silky folds.

Because she loves me passionately and unconditionally.

Because she loves me irrevocably and obscenely tenderly.

Because she f*cking



Because I love her, too.

Together, we will shake the world and make hell—gently.

She will take care of me, and I will take care of her.

And so she does.

And so I do.



For the Free-Spirited Females with Fiercely Sensitive Hearts.


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Flickr

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