March 19, 2015

Listen up, Women: Face the storm. {Poem}


There is a storm that rages within you.

Threatening to steal the very essence of life away from you.
You go into depression, lose hope and bemoan the life that you are riddled to live.
You lose yourself to mediocrity.
This is the life destiny deemed you to live, you say.
You embrace failure.
You embrace mediocrity.
Just to be part of the crowd.
Just so that the society doesn’t speak ill of you.
So much so that you forget about you.
The beautiful, amazing, charming you.
The passionate, intelligent, effervescent you.
The dreams in you.
The magic in you.
The woman in you.
The one who can move mountains.
The one who can rise beyond problems and fly.
You have been caged too long.
Made to believe that you need to live a mediocre life.
Break through the cage.
Yours is the world and everything that is in it.
Break through.
Face the storm.
Spread your wings.
And fly.
The sky is all yours.
Be you.
Just you.


Author: Vishnu Vardhan

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Pixabay

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