March 24, 2015

Manifested Menagerie. {Poem}



Manifested Menagerie

Every so called “catastrophe” of my life, I have been the constructor.
Every broken heart, I placated in its pieces.
Every broken bond I aided in its absolve.
Every loss, I have leisurely let loose.
Every downfall, I its designer.
Every wrong, in intention I thought it right.
I am veracious in no longer playing part of the vilified victim.
For, I shaped every sin.
I fashioned every feeling.
I devised every dream.
I invested in every insult.
I have mothered my misconceptions.
I have fathered all my failings.
This life is all my own.
I own all its omissions.
My heart is not hardened.
I am reminiscent but not regretful.
I brought into being this begotten beauty.
I am alive and oh, how I’ve lived.
The world has seemed to end in encores yet, I awake each morning.
Humbled and human I go on… as an ethereal explorer of this existence and my own experiences.
I shall weave my world from dreams, my own.
I shall revel in the reality of my own renowned reverie.
This menagerie… I manifested.
I am unbecoming to become.


Author: Rian Santoro

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: martinak15/Flickr


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Read 1 comment and reply

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